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Rent a RV Welcomes Oklahoma D-Day

Thursday, November 17th 2005
Oklahoma D-Day Event 2005

Rent-a-RV welcomes all Oklahoma D-Day participants from all over the US to the Oklahoma D-Day paintball event in Wyandotte, OK. Rent-a-RV plans to provide 30+ Trailers for this paintball event this year. We hope to make this a successful amenity to people that attend this event on an ongoing yearly basis. We have already started taking reservation for this event and plan to probably be booked up solid by the end of February. Paintball events are just one of the many events that they cater to on a yearly basis. We also do allot of family camping reunions at the state parks and allot of hunting and fishing trips. Pulling a boat and a trailer can be ruff but the way we are designed we deliver the trailer favorite camping spot and pick it up when you are done. In the future Rent-a-RV plans to provide Wi-Fi, fresh water, and sewer services for remote events. For information on reserving a trailer please contact us toll free at (866) 610-4931 or go to the following link to set a preliminary reservation.

This year Rent-a-RV will start the special Oklahoma D-Day event daily rate at the following prices:

Please make sure you have Electricity & Water
Generator Rental is extra.

$70 a day for 24ft units and under
$86 a day for 25ft to 29ft units
$106 for 30ft +

Motor homes are $135 a day for this event

Delivery is
$49 for a Small unit Travel Trailer
$65 for a Mid-Size unit Travel Trailer
$85 for a Large units Travel Trailer
$135 for Motor homes

Extra Mileage to the D-day Event is $78.20
There is a $25 Sanitation and Dump Fee
Applicable taxes will be applied

Availability is limited

For a free quote please email us at with “D-Day” Quote in the subject line

Oklahoma D-Day Entrance

Other Links:
Oklahoma D-Day Official Site
The Bunker Official Site

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