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Rent-a-RV helps Oklahoma Insurance Adjusters save

Wednesday, March 1st 2006
Rent-a-RV RV Rentals of Oklahoma ( provides and delivers Travel trailer living quarters to Insurance clients that are forced to temporarily move out of there house while insurance repairs are being made. Allot of time the policy holder is forced to relocate far a ways from there home and have to commute back and forth to get the daily supplies from there house to a hopefully nearby hotel. In some hotels pets are not allowed and the Pets a forced to stay with other family members. Gas is not cheap and this situation can put more financial burden on a family after a disaster.

In most cases the insurance company covers the cost over normal cost of living which could get very expensive. If you work from home this could really put a strain on a home based business. If you are a farm owner there is no way you could leave your animals. That is a full time business where you have to be there.

Sometime the best solution for situation like this is to have a RV or Travel trailer delivered to property as a temporary housing alternative. This saves the insurance company money because there is no drive to a hotel. The trailer is right there. The rental is normally less then a hotel and the policy holder is able to see and make sure the work on the property is done right. Supplies are just a short distance away pets can still be around. RV and Trailers can be set up on short notice and practically anywhere.

Make sure your insurance company will cover you if something happens and you have to move out while your home is being fixed. Most homeowners policies will cover you for "loss of use" (costs you incur above and beyond your normal living costs) which also includes reasonable hotel room costs , Meals and other items of daily living, but it is always good tom make sure.

While counties in Oklahoma, Texas, & Kansas Fires are still on high alert Rent-a-RV helps put the pieces back together. One call to there office and they can dispatch out an emergency trailer or RV to be on site in hours. On request Rent-a-RV of Oklahoma can even stock the travel trailer with emergency supplies and food.

Rent-a-RV RV Rentals of Oklahoma is also able to provide Insurance Adjuster Crews and Insurance Companies with temporary housing and temporary command stations on remote locations where they are going to have to be in a area for a while. “On-Site and On-time is the way to go; being flexible means happy clients” Say Emergency Driver Tom Dotson who has made many trips from Tulsa, OK to New Orleans to move trailer around during the disaster.

Rent-a-RV RV Rentals of Oklahoma also provides the following services:
Insurance Temporary housing
Adjuster Command stations
Contractor temporary housing
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